Optional Narratives (2019) is a series of works I have been doing lately exploring the relationship between language and image. When making these works, I start with the photographs - which all come from my photo archive, collected throughout the recent years - I then look at them for their face value, but also think about there context in the real world (what was happening at the present moment when the photo was taken. From all of this I write three captions for each photograph that may or may not relate to whats literally happening in the photo. This project is a way for me to practice manipulating context and narrative to change how the audience experience the photos. It is an ongoing project.

Met Police Cap (2019)

Napkin for a hat (2019)

Grumpy Parents (2019)

Gormeless George (2019)

Chris Underbridge (2019)

Studio Fodder (2019)

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